Cayucos School Electives Start Today! (New Middle School Information)

Falcon Families:

Happy Monday!  Today we begin our elective schedules.  Elementary electives will consist of the following:
    - Music, taught by the talented Ms. Leo Williams. TK-5th: Ms. Leo introduces students to notes, pitch, rhythm and other basic choral concepts. She will teach children short songs with few notes to introduce the art of singing.  Additionally, in 4th grade students will learn the recorder and 5th graders will learn to play the Ukulele.  
     -Art, taught by the talented Mr. Eric Schofield.  TK-5th: Ms. Schofield through art projects teaches the following art elements: line, shape, form, space, texture, value, and color.
     -Drama, taught by the talented Ms. Meghan DeVos.  1-5th: Ms. DeVos through interactive play and the theatrical arts, students will learn voice, facial expression, gesture, posture and much more!
   - Elementary PE, taught by the talented Ms. Micaela Pepple.  Tk-5th grade students will learn the value of physical fitness, turn taking, team sports, and healthy living.

As we discussed last Spring, middle school electives have been revamped to incorporate greater variety, college and career exploration, and high student interest. Our courses begin today, and will now last 6 weeks.  Each student will have a choice of 4-5 electives every 6 weeks.  

New addition to our electives this year include: electronic music/recording studio, jewelry making, Lego engineering, cooking, electronic communication/coding,  floral design, and marine biology through art.  Please see the attached middle school elective pamphlet for more information.

Our goal is for every student to develop a broader awareness of self- interests and the breadth of opportunities available to them in, and after, high school. In order to achieve this goal, Cayucos Elementary School schedules activities for students conducted throughout the academic school year that help them EXPLORE their interests and their college and career dreams, PLAN for the future and TRANSITION to high school.

The following activities take place in our courses, with our school counselor and in our elective courses:

 1.    EXPLORING activities will develop students’ ability to identify their learning style, personality traits,  career interests, skills and work values.  

 2.    PLANNING activities and a variety of elective courses will develop students’ ability to: 

                    - connect their interests, skills and values to a range of career and college options

                    - identify school courses and employability skills needed- MOCK INTERVIEW (8th grade)

 3. TRANSITIONING activities will develop students’ career and high school readiness skills, plus the traits,  work habits and behaviors needed to navigate career and academic transitions and pursue growth opportunities throughout life.

This is going to be a great year Falcon Family!
Thank you,
Jen Gaviola, Superintendent