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Mrs. Williams (AKA Miss Leo) came to Cayucos School in 2021 to teach K-8 music after years of working as a nature-based educator at the local non-profit, Outside Now. She also teaches ELD (English Language Development) to students at Cayucos who are learning English as a second language. After moving to Los Osos in 2014 to get her teaching credential from Cal Poly, she simultaneously poured her heart into her dream of making music professionally and started a bluegrass band. She is a singer, songwriter, and guitar player and still performs frequently around the county. Mrs. Williams graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2011 with a degree in Spanish Language Studies, although she began her undergraduate studies as a music student.

Meghan deVos

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Mr. Schofield grew up on the beaches of Southern California and has been teaching art at Cayucos School since 1997. He loves to scuba dive and paint what he sees in the ocean. Mr. Schofield can be reached through ParentSquare or by calling (805) 995-3694 ext. 216.