Developer Fee Justification Study 2024 Available at School Office and by Request

At our next Board of Trustees Meeting on February 14, 2024, our School Board will be discussing the Developer Justification Study and the possible increase, dismissal, or maintaining of developer fees in Cayucos. During this meeting, there will be a public hearing, seeking public input on this topic. Currently, our Developer Fees are collected at the 2014 rate of $3.36 per square foot for residential builds/remodels in excess of 500 square feet, and .54 for commercial builds.  On January 24, 2024, the State of California raised rates to the following maximums: $5.17 for residential builds and .84 for commercial/industrial fees. 
The Developer Fee Justification Study is attached to this notification. There will be a presentation of this report at the February 14, 2024 Board of Trustees meeting, starting at 6pm. 
For further questions, please contact Jennifer Gaviola, Superintendent, [email protected].